This article is based on part of a lecture that Marieke de Vrij held on October 9th 2021, for the Dutch ‘Free Maere Foundation’.
It was in response to the following question of one of the participants:
“I would like to have an answer to the big current events in the world. Could you take the world current affairs in there?”

Marieke de Vrij: Well that’s a wonderful invitation!

(And now follows Marieke de Vrij’s response, for this publishing embedded in article-style).

Taking inner responsibility is lacking in many people. One does agree with coherence, but one does not relate to the cohesion of participants in society, nor to the cohesion of being together worldwide, based on an inner sense of responsibility.

In this period, this is extremely magnified in subjects that people don’t care about, or do not care enough about, such as the environment, nature, animal welfare, human relations, geo-politics, etcetera.

It is important to be up and foremost with cultivating togetherness, and not to support division. Polarization always encourages resistance. And whoever polarizes, creates an increasingly unbalanced image, where cohesion is avoided. Anyone who therefore polarizes within himself within his own thoughts, sharpens the opposites, as it were.

So one should exercise personal responsibility. One should empathize with the ‘enemy thinking’. And one should take oneself seriously to avoid polarization. The one who creates a balanced example, ultimately works towards world peace.

However, whoever rejects others, because of unfamiliarity with what drives the other, does not only short himself, but also the other, with whom one is inexorably associated! So in other words: You can separate in your mind, but you are connected! So you cannot willfully separate yourself from the cohesion, for will it help you in the end? That’s the first point. The top layer.

Then I’m going to look at what lies beneath again.


Whoever suffers loss, in any way, is accustomed to blame others too often. That means that one looks for the guilty, because of the shortcomings that one’s own life harbors.

Accepting loss however, and that is a broad field, for example the loss of possibilities, financial shortages, interaction shortages of being together, etcetera, etcetera, would be wise to let acceptance be the starting point.

Acceptance of the difference of how it once was, and how it shows itself now. Because whoever respects difference, invites in himself extraordinary creativity, driven from the heart, to achieve cohesion. Because the heart is boundless connected.

So who, just black and white, -but I really hear the word-: who continues to ‘whine’ about that which was once, and does not show oneself now, not only does oneself short, but also the coherence that emerges from the heart, which needs to be strengthened. Hence anyone who invests in that cohesion will notice that the connection is strengthened, instead of diminished.

Also, the telepathic connections and the feeling of togetherness create other forms of contact, which are more profound, more sensitive, based less on appearance, but really on inspiration and fraternization. And that serves the togetherness. And the commonality of standing in unusual experiences.

Then the layer below. Politics is being milked out because people knowingly choose points of view, instead of bridging differences, so that the image of politics is deformed.

The basic principles of inspiration are too often abandoned, because not dialogue, but discussion is central, not only nationally, but also internationally. People want to bind each other with preaching, and with prejudices and limitations, instead of looking for balance and togetherness behavior. Unfortunately, the polarization is becoming more and more widespread.

a good dialogue provides new insights

Polarization is so discouraging that politicians who are motivated from the heart eventually renounce, because they no longer hold their own internally. And if there is not a conscious call – again and again – to dialogue, then politics renounces its guardianship.

And the guardianship is wide. This is not only about the human community, it is also about nature and the environment, it is about animal welfare, and it is also about limiting the view of each other. Because people have taken for too long that they don’t know each other, but only imagine what the other is like.

Now I’m going to build the scale back up. Yes? So this was just from top to bottom – the layering -, and how do we put this back into positive effect?

Connectors are needed in all walks of life. Whoever is in one camp must leave his camp. So you can say: ‘I have been drawn into a polarization ‘for’ or ‘against’. I get annoyed when someone thinks or feels something different than what I’ve assumed’.

Yes? If you recognize yourself in it, recognize the call from your soul that you must leave the camp of polarization.
Every time you get irritated about something, look at it, be kind to your irritation, but say:
‘Dear‘, -and then say your name-, this is not the way‘.

And ask yourself what is the way to maintain friendship, and bridge differences, respecting everyone’s opinion. In which you are not going to whip each other up from defense, and try to pull each other across the dividing line, but you manage to reach a middle in the difference. Everyone is responsible for that.

Good examples make others follow. And many have a position where they are very influential. Because it has been worked out, -I don’t know the numbers-, that if you take one person, how great are the circles of connections of such a person worldwide, with people elsewhere on Earth? That’s huge. It’s gigantic!

So don’t make yourself worthless, but look at your role. Be a mediator in the differences. Get rid of polarization. Because the polarization is a divisive thing. And where there is a split, more and more splits become visible between thinking and feeling. And then there is no more synergy from a deeper knowledge.

So wherever thinking becomes cold, and feeling becomes emotional, there cannot arise a natural middle of pure feeling and pure thinking, where ‘clear knowing’ arises.

It’s like the hemispheres of the brain, if one part is overactive, that’s leading. But they must be awake in sync with each other, and in an utterly peaceful tranquility of neutrality. Then you come to the deeper core of what is needed. And every conversation tone that is more based on thinking or emotionality, does not find the middle ground.

Being awake involves a natural alertness, which prevents you from drifting away on emotions, and practice more quickly to show in clarity where you are, among others. A very simple sentence such as ‘I don’t want to go along with differences of opinion, but I am looking for the bridging factor’, makes everyone fall silent for a while. And that everyone should consult themselves, why not the bridging is sought, but emphasize the difference.

A very nice sentence, that will be a slogan for The Free Maere:


It’s not about knowing ‘more’,
but that ‘different’ knowing is important to meet.

Knowing more is socially seen as the sum of knowledge gathering. And knowledge gathering can come about in many ways. But… the sum of knowledge can always be mutually contested.

So why the ‘different’ knowing? A different knowing, thus knowing otherwise, is formed when, as it were, pure thinking and pure feeling are in complete synergy at rest with each other, and reach a synthesis. That is different knowing.

And knowing that deserves priority in these times. And without going into it long now, but that is also the coincidence of the original feminine primordial principle and the primordial masculine principle, which are active in every human being, but which through evolution will increasingly touch each other, where the differences are not dominant, but the coherence and inevitability of coöperation will be central.

So wherever a part of thinking or feeling is unilaterally active, the opposite must be invited. Only then will you come to know differently. Because the sum of knowledge can always be mutually contested. And that’s where the internet is being completely stripped, at the moment. Yes?

The codes of conduct towards people among themselves should be revised. And that requires policy which takes place across borders worldwide. People now are too often invited to uncensored slander in a way that it is so contagious to people who don’t have their own processing in order, that they start slandering others uncensored, without proper investigation.

People are accused of wrongdoing as if it were the most natural thing in the world. And people are taking this over indiscriminately, worldwide, by many who do not have their own subconscious field in order.

So the grievances of the past, with a personal character to themselves, find their way out in slander to others. And that is very contagious. And certainly also the way in which this is collectively supported in certain circles. Of course, there are always people who have something to criticize, and with dishonest intentions. But usually people have integrity of intentions, there are only a few exceptions. And that is too often forgotten.

Another thing that wishes to be shown is the following.

In the policies that are usually chosen from a political and international character, short-term thinking is still leading, although it appears to be shifting. One may remain critical of that, because in that immaterial world it is observed that people talk better than act, for the time being. As a result, short-term thinking still takes precedence over long-term options. Why? Because that is safe politics, with which they’ll get more coöperation from individual countries and states, for those are then still willing to do something.

And if the forerunners with highly ethical behavior, are too little visible, it will take much longer in time for countries that are not readily available, to encourage innovative behaviour.
The differences should therefore become more visible, but it is not necessary to move all at once immediately. This must be fully realized. And this is on a global political level, but also for the individual.

Every person who portrays the big difference -there are chills running down my body-, also supports large institutions and companies, and states and countries, to set an example.
So what you leave out yourself, you can’t expect from the larger global politics. And you don’t have to go the same way as everybody else does, on the contrary, who creates strong examples, will be followed. But the general picture is unfortunately too unappealing.

The following. The depletion of the Earth has now progressed so far that one can look forward to more, for the sake of the Earth, before it can recover. So don’t be surprised every time when things happen, because the Earth needs recalibration.


Think of it as a glowing phenomenon,
that you can no longer wait to activate renewals.
Because only just ‘scare-behaviour’,
does the call of the Earth fall short.

This concerns not only the Earth, but also the ether that surrounds the Earth. There are places on Earth where the ether exerts a heavy burden on people and all life that takes place there. And it does so also to animals and nature unfortunately. One can observe this from a distance, but it is not very helpful.

And as the guides have already indicated, there are a lot of scientific innovations going on, a lot of possibilities have been thought out for a long time and, so to speak, have already been put into shape, but there is too little financial support to deploy it on a large scale.

Money and funds from private individuals, but also from world powers, are too little spent on supporting innovation. People still cling too much to the old, while pretending to renew.


Yes, Yes. There comes again: “This is just said”.

Those who occupy leadership positions should avoid discord wherever they are. You yourself are partly responsible where you are, if discord is maintained. You do the best you can, you can’t do more. But as stated in previous inspirations: It’s time you showed the back end of your tongue, but honest, sincere, not convincing, and trained to release it from neutrality.

So don’t wait for others. You know about this! Thus set your speech free. Yes? And then you think again: You are connected with people, they are connected with others again, it goes all over the world, but you have to do it yourself. Yes?

Discouragement prevents people from showing themselves more firmly, because they often allow themselves to be distracted from a personal assignment, and because there is so much bad stuff shown on the path. And if you allow the discouragement to grow greater than that you live in self-rest, you are also responsible for that yourself.

Actually, you can call that an aberration. Because you can also say: “Well I’ve met a lot of discouragement on my life path, I’m pretty educated, the world needs a bigger education in awareness, so how do I stay reasonably happy and cheerful, even when the discouragement increases?”

That’s quite a job! It’s a lot of work to do. And not just for you, but for many.

So you can confirm each other again and again in the discouragement of how bad this or that is, but it doesn’t get anywhere. And in addition, we all have a lot to endure on a personal level. And you can be sad about that too. And then you also have to be comforting to yourself, to your grief. And it is important that the sadness is also allowed to flow out, so that you find a new ground in yourself to build on.
And finally. Humanity is waiting for healthy examples. People who are deeply moved, and pure in heart, and who speak freely, get a great following in the heart-action of others. Always remember this. So if you speak from your heart yourself, it does something. Have faith in that. Do not be the dividing line yourself, but always be the bridge along which one approaches the other. And practice standing on the middle of the bridge.

We are in a consciousness development trajectory that provokes new things. Animal welfare has been parried for too long. Nature and environment too. Human cohesion has become too controversial. And the effect of all those fields does something to the human system. Because, if the part separates itself from the whole and the coherence, which is not possible, then you also have to deal with the effect of that reduced coherence on you. Because as a part you belong to the whole. Just so we know! Thus connectors are needed in all ranks of the population. Just 10 good examples already make others follow!

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